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            It’s A Myth That Babies Are Born Innocent.

Most parenting books prepare parents for the most magical experience. A new baby expands hearts and fulfils lives, so parents can soar to the sky. Yet there’s a chapter that most parenting books don’t reveal. Anna Garcia’s new book unveils how from the first moments of cell life, babies are equipped with a master plan to turn lives upside down and leave parents questioning,
“What have we done?”

Sydney, NSW,11 July, 2013: ”Put the Baby Back in my Tummy: When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected” is the personal journey of two clueless parents, raising a baby with enough punch and personality to belong on Broadway. Anna Garcia presents her raw parenting experiences through humorous personal memoirs and over 200 light-hearted illustrations. From sleep deprivation, to Oscar winning tantrums, this story identifies with the deepest pains and struggles of newly initiated parents and transforms it into an epic adventure.

This book is imperfectly perfect for new parents who are struggling with their transition into parenthood, or are finding their baby is particularly challenging. For anyone else interested in a hilarious take on the parenting journey, Put the Baby Back in my Tummy will give you something to smile about.

Availability: Put the Baby Back in my Tummy: When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected is available from July 27, 2013  through and other retailers (will fill this in soon.)

About the Author: Anna Garcia is an author, illustrator, artist, teacher, life coach and mother. Anna has a strong belief that any setback is a blessing in disguise and that the greatest challenges can become the greatest success. Anna Garcia works with clients around the world through her life coaching business

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