Book Blurb

shower scene

“You put soap in my eyes! Waaaahhh!”

“No, I didn’t. I’m not even anywhere near you.”

“Yes, you did… I saw you… You just need to use your imagination, Mummy.”


‘Put the Baby Back in My Tummy’ is the personal journey of two clueless parents, raising a little baby with enough punch and personality to belong on Broadway. Rather than a love-at-first-sight story, it’s a falling-in-love story depicting how they survived and finally thrived through their initiation into parenthood.

Starting from their baby-making recipe, the miracle birth of Allegra, and their glamorous parenthood fantasies, the story uncovers the reality of late-night feeding, hunger games, and Oscar-winning diva dramas.

Presented through a series of light-hearted illustrations and humorous personal memoirs, Anna Garcia shares the tough and hilarious times, encouraging parents to relax and see the other side of parenting – the epic adventure.

Included is a Parents’ Survival Kit:

  • Tips on surviving parenthood when it’s not so magical
  • Plus survival tips from parents all over the world
  • Bonus FREE downloadable parenting affirmations

If you are looking for a sentimental parenting book, don’t read this. However, if you are a first-time parent looking for some consolation, or simply an individual curious about Allegra’s adventures and how she turned an innocent fire drill into a Shakespearean tragedy, then read ‘Put the Baby Back in my Tummy’.