Is the magical experience of parenting

not always so magical?

Do you sometimes wish you could put the
back in your tummy?

I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve been the odd one out in a room full of mothers that seemed to
‘have it all together’.

I’ve been so sleep deprived I’ve thought of asking for a baby refund:
“Nurse, my baby doesn’t match what the manual describes.”

So if you’re not quite soaring to the sky with this parenting gig,
feel right at home.

I’ve written my book
Put the Baby Back in my Tummy:
When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected

AND set up this website just for YOU.

(If you don’t have children and are here for some funny stories,
you are also most welcome).


Just so you don’t feel alone in your struggles, here’s a sneak peak of my

crazy journey into the rite of parenthood:

4 YEARS B.D. (Before the ‘Diva’)

For some reason, I thought the arrival of our baby would be like this:


Instead, it was more like this:

Chapt 3 6

After months of yoga and visualizations,
I pictured my Zen labor would be like this:

Chapt 3 1

Instead it was more like this:

Chapt 3 11

I imagined I’d be a GLAMAZON mum like Heidi Klum:

Chapt 3 3

Instead I constantly looked like this:

1st class

Life would be like this:


In reality, it was more like this:

Chapt 4 1

And this…

Chapt 5 3

And later on, like this…

Not ours

I seriously believe there’s a myth going around that babies are born innocent.

I’d like to challenge that!

But to get the juicy details, you’ve got to read my book

“Put the Baby Back in My Tummy:
When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected”



So you can see how we turned this:


Into this:

Chapt 15 28

Illustrations are taken from my book
Put the Baby Back in My Tummy: When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected.


*“Put the Baby Back in My Tummy” is not meant to replace medical advice and professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any feelings of depression, feel you are struggling, or feel that you may harm your baby, please see your doctor or local health professional immediately.